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Joel Nelsen Reappointed to Senior Trade Policy GRP

CCM’s Joel Nelsen was reappointed to the Administration’s Fruit & Vegetable Trade Advisory Committee this week as announced by USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue and Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer. These positions are highly coveted as they have direct engagement with Administration officials on trade policy. Nelsen has served since the George W. Bush Administration, and for the past fours, his colleagues have asked him to chair the Fruit & Vegetable Committee. There are several trade advisory committees all serving varied business sectors in the United States. Agriculture, because of its diversity, has over six committees representing the varied Ag commodity sectors.

“To be able to continue serving in this role is both gratifying and humbling,” Nelsen states. “I had the support of Valley Congressmen McCarthy, Nunes, and Costa along with Congressional members Ken Calvert and Julia Brownly. Additionally, Senator Feinstein sent a letter on my behalf, all of which were gratefully appreciated.”

There are upwards of two dozen seats available on each committee half of which expire every two years. The role is to initiate and/or advise the Administration on a myriad of policy and technical issues that can and do affect the produce industry. “The give and take are real, as is the opportunity for accountability,” Nelsen continues. “Certainly these past two years have been challenging, and most likely, these disputes will carry on as the Administration seeks to balance trade and initiate policies that correct deficiencies in existing agreements. I truly do appreciate the fact that our California Congressional members and the Administration continue to believe I bring value to the process. It is very rewarding.”

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