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COVID & Logistical Issues Reduce US Stone Fruit Exports into Taiwan

Taiwan’s peach production for MY2021/22 is forecast to increase to 17,000MT. Peach and nectarine imports are forecast down to 13,500 MT due to reduced demand at peak fruit season caused by Taiwan’s COVID-19 outbreak in May and June. Cherry consumption for MY2021/22 is forecast flat at 12,400 MT. In 2020, total import volume from the United States decreased by almost 25 percent and market share fell to 50 percent, mainly due to decreased supply. Because of COVID restrictions on shopping at wet markets and local fruit shops as well as logistical problems, domestic fruit demand is expected to decrease in MY 2021/22. 

MY 2021/22 peach production is forecast up to 17,000 metric tons (MT) due to less than expected damage from rain. Taiwan faced severe drought conditions during spring to early summer 2021, the critical period for peach growth. Peach fruit size this year is expected to be smaller but sweeter. Although the previous forecast had MY 2020/21 production recovering and surpassing that of MY 2019/20, 2020 production was essentially flat at 16,000 MT.

Taiwan’s peach harvest season runs from March to August depending on the variety and planting elevation. In Taiwan, half of peach production is located near Taichung City, with the remainder followed by Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, and Nantou County. There are several peach varieties sold through auction market. By order of harvest, there are: early peach (早桃) from March, followed by sweet peach (甜桃), Fu-Shou peach (福壽桃), Ying-Go peach (鶯歌桃), and honey peach (水蜜桃) in July and August. The sweet peach variety is the largest by volume in the local auction market. Read the full report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service HERE

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