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How to Protect Your Farmland for Future Generations in California

Many California farms are run by families who have cultivated the land for several generations.  It’s not just land, it’s not just an investment — it is part of what defines them and their mission to feed the world. Watch this brief interview with Charlotte Mitchell from the California Farmland Trust as she shares how to protect their legacy of …

The Mission and Objectives of the California Farmworker Foundation

The pandemic proved challenging to all in various ways, and farmworkers had unique needs that had to be met in order to keep agriculture going and food from California on dinner tables all over the world. The California Farmworker Foundation was among the great organizations that rose to the occasion to meet their needs. Pandemic aside, farmworkers are essential, they …

Farmers Cannot Bear the Burden of Record Inflating Costs Alone

Among some of the top issues impacting the California fresh fruit industry, and all of the state’s agricultural industries for that matter, are record inflating production costs.  This was addressed at the recent annual conference of the California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA). Watch this brief interview with CFFA President Ian LeMay as he addresses this. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for …

Are Autonomous Self-Driving Tractors Legal in California?

As California’s agricultural industries progress towards a more sustainable future with new technologies and innovations, current Cal OSHA regulations (unless changed) may hinder their progress, particularly with regard to autonomous or self-driving tractors.  Watch this brief video with Michael Miiller from the California Association of Winegrape Growers as he explains.   Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Pesticides, Air Quality and Upcoming Statewide Notification System Explained

California has allocated $10 million to begin the development of a statewide system the provides information to the public about pesticides used around them. DPR is working in partnership with several agricultural commissioners on local pilot projects as part of the development of the system this year. Watch this brief interview with Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner Ruben Arroyo as he …

SJV Air Pollution Control District Addresses Phase Out of Ag Burning

Agricultural burning as we know it is currently in the process of being phased out.  So what’s the timeline, what alternatives are out there and what incentive programs are available for the industry to make this big transition? These topics were addressed at Malcolm Media’s recent Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo. Watch this interview with Crystal Yunker from the …

What US Food Exporters Need to Know about China’s New Facility Registration Requirements

Port congestion and unresolved international trade disputes are tough enough, without China’s new facility registration requirements going into effect at the start of 2022 for food export destined for China.  Watch this brief interview with Keith Schneller, Trade Policy Specialist for the Almond Board of California,  as he explains the issue and how FDA is addressing it. Please thank this …

Evie Smith, New UCCE Staff Research Associate in Orchard Crop Systems

Have you had a chance to meet Evie Smith, one of our new Staff Research Associates with the UC Cooperative Extension? Watch her brief introduction here to learn about her and the almond, walnut and prune projects she is working on with Sacramento Valley farm advisors. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Top Costly Legal Issues Ag Employers can Prevent

At the Annual Convention of the Almond Alliance of California, Stacy Henderson, Almond Alliance’s go-to attorney for ag labor law, shared some of the top costly mistakes ag employers should know about that can be prevented. Watch this brief video with Stacy as she explains. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Ag Goals & Progress of Voluntary Agreements for Bay-Delta Flows

What is now being referred to as a 20 year drought in California has caused many problems for not only farmers, but all Californians and wildlife. In addition to the dire need for water infrastructure renovations, farming groups are also very focused on pursuing voluntary agreements for alternatives to the California State Water Resources Control Board plan for Bay-Delta flows. …

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